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Title: Web Based Services in the NNRA Library
Authors: Opara, Nkiru
Keywords: E-library
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: NNRA Library
Abstract: Web Based Services in NNRA Library The library over the ages has come to be associated with information with most individuals describing it as an information hub. However, today the traditional notion of what libraries are and the functions which they perform is fast changing. In a world where technology reigns supreme, the traditional site specific libraries constrained to space and huge paper trails of catalogues accompanied by dusty shelves is fast giving way to E-libraries all thanks to information technology. This has in effect affected the way libraries operate, extend the services they offer and also the methods applied in cataloguing, processing and developing library materials for onward dissemination to readers. Web based library services as a concept, is associated with library applications, systems and software that facilitate interaction and information sharing. The Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) has the power to provide training, information, and guidance on nuclear safety and radiation protection to its staff and the public and it is in respect to this that the library functions to fulfill this objective. Information is data transformed into knowledge and the said knowledge drives and underpins behavior and decision making. There are two types of knowledge namely; the tacit knowledge (which is personal and undocumented) and the explicit knowledge (which is documented and can easily be communicated). In the just exercise of its functions, the library rates the web based services high since it (the library) is tasked with the collection, cataloguing and dissemination of knowledge through various knowledge assets like books, journals, technical reports, documents and articles Consequently, in its order of business the NNRA library needs to offer Web based services a Unified access point to all digital library resources such as; Web online public access catalog (OPAC), Electronic resources and a large expanse of bibliographic database available online. On this note, it is envisaged that Centralization of information, ICT infrastructure, and possession of genuine software coupled with Expansion and improvement of access would go a long way in helping the library to achieve its aim while improving sustainability. In conclusion, the seminar turned out recommendations which included the provision of LOC’s, intensive training, editing of raw knowledge before hosting and the provision of computers for the library as major strides to boost the NNRA library’s quest to incorporate web based services and efficiently enhance access to its knowledge and information database In House Seminar presented by Opara Nkiru 2010
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