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Title: Passive Autocatalytic Recombiner Part-Task Simulator
Authors: IAEA
Keywords: Trainings
Basic Professions
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: NNRA Library
Series/Report no.: Training Course Series no. 80;
Abstract: The objectives of this publication are to: Serve as a reference for lectures on basic principles of PAR configuration, purpose and operation; Support Member States intending to use IAEA part-tasks simulators in national education and training programmes with a resource for necessary background information on theory of PAR operation; Serve as a reference for students and trainees, who may be unfamiliar with reactor operation in accident conditions and the role of PARs and thus to understand relevant theory and mathematical models at a basic principle level; Provide exercises for use in education and training courses, use by Member State institutions, or direct use by students or trainees.
ISSN: 1018–5518
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