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Title: Specific Considerations and Guidance for the Establishment of Ionizing Radiation Facilities
Authors: IAEA
Keywords: Ionizing radiation Safety measures
Radiation Safety measures Nuclear facilities
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: NNRA Library
Abstract: This publication is intended to assist national public or private organizations that are considering the establishment, or are undertaking a major upgrade or refurbishment, of an IRF to achieve the following: — Make an informed judgement of the necessity for the project and assess the organization’s readiness to initiate such an undertaking, taking into account the existing gaps in the national and/or organizational infrastructure and considering the required commitment during the entire lifetime of the IRF, including siting, design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning and all operational activities; 4 — Determine the magnitude of the commitment necessary to establish and achieve the effective and efficient use of an IRF in a safe, secure and technically sound manner; — Conduct a feasibility study to provide objective information to decision makers and other stakeholders about the utility and soundness of the IRF project; — Support the success and sustainability of an IRF and limit the risk of future underutilization or legacy issues with the facility; — Allow for a timely decision not to pursue a new IRF or refurbish an existing one (if the utility and sustainability of the facility are shown to be insufficient by the feasibility study)
Description: Vienna : International Atomic Energy Agency, 2023. | Series: IAEA radiation technology series, ISSN 2220–7341 ; no. 7 | Includes bibliographical references
ISBN: IAEAL 23-01576 | ISBN 978–92–0–147222–9 (
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