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Title: Handbook for Regulatory Inspectors of Nuclear Power Plants
Authors: IAEA
Keywords: Nuclear power plants — Safety measures. | Independent regulatory commissions. | Inspection
Issue Date: 2024
Publisher: NNRA Library
Series/Report no.: IAEA-TECDOC-1867;
Abstract: The objective of this publication is to provide regulatory inspectors with practical guidance for planning and performing inspections at NPPs. Using the information in this publication will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the regulatory inspector. It is designed to address the needs of regulatory inspectors in developing and enhancing their inspection skills for NPPs. The handbook walks through how an inspector prepares for and conducts inspections including methods on how to use a graded approach to select systems, structures and components (SSCs) for inspection and for evaluation of the significance of inspection findings. The inspection areas discussed in the handbook are not all inclusive but reflect some of the more safety significant SSC and activities that could be considered. This handbook is not intended to cover all inspection areas and is not to be used as the only inspection guidance by a regulatory body but could be used to supplement its overall inspection programme.
Description: Vienna : International Atomic Energy Agency, 2019. | Series: IAEA TECDOC series, ISSN 1011–4289 ; no. 1867 | Includes bibliographical references
ISSN: IAEAL 19-01226 | ISBN 978–92–0–101519–8 (
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