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Title: Safety Classification of Structures, Systems and Components
Authors: IAEA
Keywords: Accident
Radiation Exposure
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: NNRA Library
Description: The purpose of safety classification in a nuclear power plant is to identify and categorize the safety functions (SFs) and to identify and classify the related structures, systems and components (SSCs) items on the basis of their safety significance. This ensures that the appropriate engineering design rules are determined for each safety class, so that structures, systems and components (SSCs) are designed, manufactured, constructed, installed, commissioned, quality assured, maintained, tested and inspected to standards appropriate to their safety significance. It is Important that the power plant has structures, systems and components (SSCs) capable of performing the safety functions. This will enable the design to meet the general safety requirements. These requirements include safety functions necessary to prevent accident conditions and safety functions necessary to mitigate the consequences of accidents, should they occur.
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