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Title: Safety Culture, Management Systems and Leadership
Authors: IAEA
Keywords: Regulatory Body
Management System
Nuclear Facilities
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: NNRA Library
Description: A governmental body with an independent regulatory system must be established to ensure that nuclear facilities and materials are handled and operated safely and securely fulfilling the international safety obligations. The regulatory body has the responsibility for structuring its organization and managing its available resources so as to fulfil its statutory obligations …..For: •Drafting regulation •Licensing •Review and assessment •Inspection and enforcement. These functions are managed effectively and efficiently in an integrated and coherent manner. Leadership in safety matters has to be demonstrated at the highest levels in an organization. Safety has to be achieved and maintained by means of an effective management system. This system has to integrate all elements of management so that requirements for safety are established and applied coherently. The management system shall maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory body in discharging its responsibilities and performing its functions. This includes the promotion of enhancements in safety, and the fulfilment of its obligations in an appropriate, timely and cost effective manner so as to build confidence. The government should take into consideration the essential role of leadership and management for safety to achieve a high level of safety and to foster safety culture within organizations.
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