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Title: Planning and Organizing Nuclear Security Systems and Measures for Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material out of Regulatory Control
Authors: IAEA
Keywords: Radioactive substances — Detection.
Security systems. | Nuclear industry
Nuclear non-proliferation.
Security measures
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: NNRA Library
Series/Report no.: No. 34 -T;
Description: The objective of this publication is to provide guidance on planning and organizing nuclear security systems and measures for the detection of criminal or intentional unauthorized acts1 involving material out of regulatory control (the detection architecture, as described in Ref. [5]) and for the response to nuclear security events. The guidance includes processes for the identification of existing nuclear security systems and measures, determination of resource and capability gaps, and the design of new systems and measures to address identified gaps.
Appears in Collections:Nuclear Security and Physical Protection of Radioactive Material

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