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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Calibration and Test of Radiation Protection InstrumentsIAEA
2019Calibration of detectors (Protection Level Instruments) and the NNRA SSDLAbejide, Olugbenga
2018Cassava Production Guidelines for Food Security and Adaptation to Climate Change in Asia and AfricaIAEA
2019Categorization of Radioactive SourcesIAEA
2021Certification of Activity Concentration of Radionuclides in IAEA-465 Baltic Sea SedimentIAEA
2020Challenges and Approaches for Selecting, Assessing and Qualifying Commercial Industrial Digital Instrumentation and Control Equipment for Use in Nuclear Power Plant ApplicationsIAEA
2018Challenges and Opportunities for Crop Production in Dry and Saline Environments in ARASIA Member StatesIAEA
2021Challenges In Public CommunicationsIAEA
2019Charged Particle RadiationIAEA
2019Charged Particle Radiation (Beta Particles)IAEA
2019Classification, Selection and Use of Nuclear Power Plant Simulators for Education and TrainingIAEA
2015Clinical PET/CT Atlas: A Casebook of Imaging in OncologyIAEA
2015Clinical PET/CT Atlas: A Casebook of Imaging in OncologyIAEA
2019Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive SourcesIAEA
2018Commissioning Guidelines for Nuclear Power PlantIAEA
2018Commissioning Guidelines for Nuclear Power PlantsIAEA
2008Commissioning of Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Systems: Testing for Typical External Beam Treatment TechniquesIAEA
2021Communicating Basics of RadiationIAEA
2012Communicating Nuclear Information in NigeriaBassey, Ekaette
2017Communication and Consultation with Interested Parties by the Regulatory BodyIAEA