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Title: Certification of Trace Element Mass Fractions in Marine Sediment IAEA-475
Authors: IAEA
Issue Date: 2024
Publisher: NNRA Library
Series/Report no.: IAEA/AQ/62 (Rev. 1);
Abstract: Selection and use of marine matrix CRMs that match the matrix of the analysed sample and the concentration range of analytes of interest in the “real” samples is essential for obtaining high quality measurement results. IAEA-475 was produced to support the accurate and traceable measurements of trace metals in marine sediment from the Pacific coast of Australia and other pristine areas. IAEA-475 will assist laboratories in validating their analytical methods and controlling the quality of produced analytical results for the determination of trace elements in marine sediment samples [1].
ISSN: IAEA/AQ/62 (Rev. 1) ISSN 2074-7659
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