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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Occupational Radiation ProtectionIAEA
2022Occupational Radiation ProtectionIAEA
2022Occupational Radiation Protection Enhancing the Protection of Workers — Gaps, Challenges and DevelopmentsIAEA
2018On-line Monitoring of Instrumentation in Research Reactors-
2018Operating Experience Feedback for Nuclear InstallationsIAEA
2020Operating Experience with Nuclear Power Stations in Member StatesIAEA
2022The Operating Organization for Nuclear Power PlantsIAEA
2022Operational Limits and Conditions and Operating Procedures for Nuclear Power PlantsIAEA
2023Operational limits and conditions and operating procedures for research ReactorsIAEA
2020Operational Safety and Operational Experience FeedbackMbet, Akpanowo
2017Opportunities for Cogeneration with Nuclear EnergyIAEA
2018Opportunities for Cogeneration with Nuclear EnergyIAEA
2018Options for Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste for Countries Developing New Nuclear Power ProgrammesIAEA
2019Organization and Implementation of National Dose Registry (NDR)Ikyuu, Gabriel
2022Organization and Staffing of the Regulatory Body for Nuclear FacilitiesIAEA
2022Organiztion, Management and Staffing of the Regulatory Body for SafetyIAEA
2019Overview and AccidentIAEA
2021Overview of Basic Concepts in Emergency Preparedness and ResponseIAEA
2019Overview of Fuel CycleIAEA
2019Overview of Fuel CycleIAEA